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General Disclaimer!

Unless specifically stated, characters here do not belong to me and are property of their respective owners. I'm not making any money on anything posted here.

Note About Derivative Works!

I'm all for 'em! Podfic, art, macaroni sculpture, fic based on my fic, whatever your heart desires. I would definitely like a message (comment, PM, whatever) as a heads up if you want to write a sequel/prequel, just to make sure I don't have one already started because I've been known to secretly work on sequels in the dead of night like a bat. And please, pretty please, drop me a link when you're done creating whatever magnificent thing you've made because I'm super stoked to see it.


Warnings are not listed in the master list, but if you click the link to the piece, the warnings, along with any further information, will be listed in the header.

This journal contains content that may not be suitable for people under the age of 18 or the legal age of consent in your country. Please be aware that fiction here may contain adult scenes or language and might contain adult material that is not specifically warned for. It's not my intention to offend anyone, so please be aware of what you're clicking on before you click it, my friends.

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Title: If It Feels Good
Fandom: Leverage
Relationship(s)/Character(s): Sophie Devereaux/Nate Ford
Rating: PG13
Word Count: ~80 words. Yes, 80. It's microfic, okay.
Warnings: alcohol
Summary: What was that saying? "If it feels good, do it."

Nate takes another swig of beer )
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Title: Shut Up And Make Some Noise
Fandom: Community
Relationship(s)/Character(s): Britta/Jeff
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 560
Content Notes: sex, apocalypse au
Summary: Everyone else is dead and everything is meaningless, so what does it matter who makes what noise and when?

The sex doesn't mean anything, Britta reminds him. She says it so often that the statement is just as meaningless as the sex. )
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For this year's [community profile] robotbigbang I got to make art for [profile] misskalloway's story The Home For Unwanted Robots. It's adorable and totally worth the read. Check it out here!

And the art is here. )
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Come and join [community profile] polybigbang, a multifandom threesomes or moresome big bang!

Sign Ups: Author | Artist
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Ahh, the ongoing woes of a tiny Canadian who wants to get a few bucks from the American government. It’s not like I’ll be making millions selling stories online, why must you take my 30%

My current options for utilizing the tax treaty (which is set up to protect me and my money, apparently) are:

1. Pay Canadian tax lawyer 400$ to file for my ITIN for me.

2. Mail my original passport to Texas for 4-8 weeks while it’s authenticated, pay 180$ plus shipping both ways to get ITIN.

3. Become sole proprietorship for 135$ here in Ontario, figure out now how to file my fucking Canadian taxes because that wasn’t hard enough, call IRS and get an EIN as opposed to an ITIN. EIN is free and can get over the phone in minutes…

4. Suck it the fuck up and lose the 30% royalties because this is all horrific.

5. Just stop what you’re doing and don’t self-publish. Go lie down and watch Avatar: the Last Airbender and laugh at Appa’s giant furry face.
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By [personal profile] sunspot, aka: [ profile] unavoidedcrisis.
Collaborative artwork by [ profile] fullmoon02.
Beta'd by [personal profile] epiphanyx7 & [profile] xsnarkasaurus.

Fandom: Avengers - Movie 'Verse
Relationships & Characters: Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, Maria Hill, Thor, Darcy Lewis, Jane Foster, original characters.
Rating: PG13
Word Count: ~23,000
Warnings/Content Notes: post-apocalypse/mid-apocalypse setting, violence, talk of large-scale death, great bodily harm to major characters, monsters
Author's Notes: Written for [community profile] apocalypsebang. Thank you to everyone who helped out, and major kudos to the lovely [ profile] fullmoon02 for the encouragement, for listening to me complain, and especially for the awesome art.

Tony's going to need more than a box of scraps and a secluded cave to fix a way out of this one...


| | ART POST | |

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Title: Life About To Start
Fandom: Les Miserables (musical)
Relationship(s)/Character(s): Enjolras/Grantaire, Les Amis
Rating: PG13
Word Count: ~5,000
Warnings: character death, violence
Summary: Grantaire is only waiting to die, even as he's learning to live.
Author's Notes: Thank you to Cherie Shark for beta-ing, thank you to chat for putting up with my feelings about dead french revolutionaries, and of course, thank you to the 25th anniversary concert cast for being so effortlessly tragic and inspiring all the plot bunnies.

'Oxygen levels critically low. Forty minutes remaining.' )

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Title: The Time In The Cave (With a Bed, But Hardly Any Bats At All, Because Bats Are No Fun)
Fandom: Inspector Spacetime
Relationship(s)/Character(s): The Inspector/Brooke Rhapsody, Angie Lake
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~900
Warnings: smut
Summary: A bed might be an unexpected thing to find in a cave, but Brooke Rhapsody is certainly not.
Author's Notes: Written originally for Porn Battle 13, edited and reformatted to fit your screen.

'Hello, Barmy.' )

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idk how to reclist. Shut up and look at these things.

ganked shamelessly from tumblr

Reclist For Apocalypse Fic )
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2012 Posted Fic Roundup

Total words written+posted: 132,940
Number of fics posted: 16
Fandoms Represented: 5/6 depending on how you look at it -- Leverage, Supernatural, Newsies, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Avengers (MCU and EMH so does that count for 2?)
Big Bangs Posted: 5
Total words written+posted for big bangs: 108,400
Single Longest Fic: Drrrty Pop, 34,600 words

Most common pairing: Hardison/Parker/Eliot from Leverage (with 3 fics). Unless we're counting the 4 gen fics I wrote. The gen is my most common pairing. :)

Favourite thing I've written this year: All That Love, All Those Mistakes

Word Count: 19,500
Summary: After a life on the street and now a job at a run down community centre, Clint classifies himself as a hard-and-fast pessimist. Until he gets the stuffing knocked out of him by a local street gang and suddenly his life is like a bad rom-com, complete with the boy with the smile that makes his knees weak, the ever-helpful matchmaking best friend, gratuitous Abraham Lincoln, and one or more cracked ribs. Okay, maybe he's still a pessimist...

Okay, so more words and fandoms than last year, which was my overall goal. :) Still not enough fandoms for me. Want all the fandoms. I wrote more big bangs this year too. I hope I can keep that up, I love those.

Podfic Roundup

# of podfics posted: 9
Minutes recorded: 170:23
Fandoms Podficced: 6 -- Leverage, Doctor Who, Community, Supernatural, Avengers (MCU), Avengers (MA), Harry Potter

Seems like I need to record more podfic, too. :) Woooo, 2012 was a zany year. A+, self, you did some stuff! This is what got posted, plus everything I am still working on/editing/writing/&c, I hit my Get Yours Words Out goal for this year. Hope to do just as well this year. Happy creating, everyone!
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Text: Pride and Prejudice and Werewolves
Author: [ profile] cherie_morte
Reader: [personal profile] sunspot
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationships & Characters: Remus Lupin/Sirius Black
Rating: PG13
Length: 11:51
Author's Summary: Remus and Sirius get lost in London.
Warnings: none
Reader's Notes: Such great banter, one of my favourite things in the world. I recorded this for [personal profile] jenepod for #ITPE 2012. :)

Right-click 'save as' to download .mp3, click to stream.
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For [community profile] polybigbang 2012 I got to work with [ profile] the_plaid_slytherin on the post-series Battlestar Galatica story "The Way Home," which you should definitely check out for all the Saul Tigh related goodness you can handle.

I made a banner to go with it, and really tried to catch the quiet mood of the story.

The Way Home )
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Worse Things Happen At Sea

By [personal profile] sunspot, aka: [ profile] unavoidedcrisis.
Collaborative artwork by [personal profile] croissantkatie.
Beta'd by [personal profile] tsukinofaerii.

Fandom: Avengers - Movie 'Verse
Relationships & Characters: Natasha Romanov/Maria Hill/Steve Rogers, implied Natasha/Romanov/Maria Hill, Tony Stark
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 18,000
Warnings/Content Notes: sexual content, strong language, miscellaneous Steve angst, pegging, oral sex, potentially improbably orgasms.
Author's Notes: Written for [community profile] polybigbang '12. Huge thanks to my awesome artist, [personal profile] croissantkatie for being flawless and ever so patient.

The twenty-first century isn't somewhere Steve wants to be. He feels lost, a mess of anger, regret, and a longing he can't work out, unable to make any lasting connections or shake the feeling of loneliness despite being constantly surrounded by people. Natasha is first to find him alone and adrift, and with Maria's help, takes him in hand.


| | ART ON DW | ART ON LJ | |

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It was a defense mechanism more than anything else, the running away. Steve had never run before. Someone told him once if he ran away he'd never be able to stop, that he'd always be running. That was then, and this is... not then at all. He could run now because he was confident he'd be able to face whatever caught up with him. Since the serum worked, he'd survived more in the few months (and the subsequent decades) than he ever thought one person could withstand. If he was still around after all that, then yeah, he was pretty confident he could take on anything.

Except the pity. Damn. )

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Title: Such A Depressing Box of Tapes
Fandom: Supernatural
Relationship(s)/Character(s): Sam/Dean
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 600
Warnings: set during Mystery Spot, so have some canonical character death
Summary: Dean dies on a Wednesday and doesn't come back. Relearning to live after that is a struggle for Sam.
Author's Notes: Written to go with this art, 'cause there ain't no party like a badbastion livestream fandom party. (art nsfw!)

Sam wakes up two minutes before the alarm and turns it off before it can blare in his ear. He can't stand hearing the classic rock every morning, but he tunes to the classic rock radio station first thing in every new motel room, right after he locks the door and remembers how to breathe again.

It's been forty-one days since Dean died for the last time. )

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Dear Podficcer!

Hiiiiiiiii )
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I made this mix aaaaages ago (and it shows in the cover art, omg) to accompany The Waiting Job, my Leverage zombie apocalypse story. The link went funny, so I had to reupload it, and then I realized I never posted it here. So here. :D

Zombie Mix )
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For [ profile] robotbigbang, I got to make art for [personal profile] kalloway's fic Lost Dawn & The Box of Dreams.

Here's the mix I made to go with it. It's an original fic set in the Outlaw Star universe and it's basically an all-girl group of totally kick ass smugglers in space. I think that is relevant to everyone on my reading list, just saying.

So check out the fic and then check out the mix!

Lost Dawn & The Box of Dreams )

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