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Avengers Academy's Armor Wars event has been cracking me up with its A+ dialogue for Crimson Dynamo, like this bit:

Screencap of Crimson Dynamo & Wasp

And after rolling around in glee, I had to go write fic.

Fandom: Avengers Academy
Pairing/Characters: Steve/Tony, one-sided Crimson Dynamo/Tony
Genre: First kiss, humour, silly, fake relationship
Rating: General
Words: 1800
Crossposting: AO3
Summary: Steve's more than happy to step up when Tony's in trouble.

Strategic Thinking: Armor Wars Edition )

Merch trawling

Aug. 13th, 2017 09:39 am
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I've migrated away from backpacks to totes, but I'm loving the design of this one that's based on the MCU costume, it's... really tempting.

A Captain America backpack. )

But what would I use it for? The only backpack I use these days is my laptop carry-on when I travel, and I'm really happy with the one I have right now.

A satchel, now I would definitely use in the day-to-day, but I don't like the design as much.

A Captain America satchel. )

Book Log

Aug. 12th, 2017 05:32 pm
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I picked Vanessa Collingridge's Boudica to read next, because I'd just finished Mary Beard's history of ancient Rome, which mentioned Boudica's rebellion in the later chapters, and was in the mood for more of that.

Collingridge isn't a professional historian, so her book isn't like the other historical biographies I've read so far. Instead of a compilation of mostly-chronological info, it's a collection of interviews with historians and collectors, analysis of historical pop culture to modern pop culture, with Collingridge's passion-driven expansion on the story of Boudica set to known Roman history and context.

It's pretty interesting once I adjusted my expectations, for Collingridge is upfront about being a storyteller, plus the fact that there's extremely little that is known about the historical Briton queen, who may not even have been a redhead. The mostly-known facts of Rome's invasion of Britain are the framework, with Boudica's rebellion roughly sketched on top of that with her guesswork, using various archaeological finds such as pottery and the burn layer of the three towns that Boudica sacked.

The earlier part's a little thin because of the necessity of so much guesswork, but I reckon the more interesting part of the book is Collingridge's later analysis of what Boudica means as an icon in British consciousness and patriotism, despite being a barbarian who'd rebelled against imperialism. I was a little skeptical at first with her opening speculation of historical Boudica being one of the building blocks of Elizabeth I's cult of Gloriana but man, Collingridge commits, following through her thesis to the misogyny of James I's rule (when Boudica was portrayed as shameful and/or love-weakened in various plays) to Queen Victoria (when her imagery came back) and the eventual conflation of the chariot-riding warrior queen Boudica with noble world-conquering Brittania (HA). That is not something I'd expect to get out of a historical biography, but it is fascinating, and a great way to cap off the read. Also, I learned quite a bit about Celt medieval history and its evolution to modern Celt identity, which is cool.

Unknown Woman

Aug. 11th, 2017 09:23 am
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I've been watching the K-drama Unknown Woman on and off for the past few months, and unlike the last few K-dramas I skimmed that had a similar trope of a Woman Done Wrong Who's Out for Justice, this one has fully committed to the Count of Monte Cristo grey morality premise, where the main character, Son Yeo-ri, is focused and unapologetic about righting the wrongs that were done to her (to HER, specifically, instead of her family, though her rage later includes the wrong done to her daughter) instead of deviating to various softer subtropes that aren't that interesting to me even if they make for more sympathetic protagonists.

Now, aside from tickling my id something fierce, last night I noticed something that this show has done, or more accurately, not done, which has upped my appreciation. Basically, the main couple is in full harmony and cooperation, working together for the sake of justice/vengeance, and there's 0% conflict between them. Where the last few similar-premise K-dramas had some drama and misunderstandings between the main pair for romantic purposes, Unknown Woman doesn't care about romantic drama* -- it set up and dealt with the conflict of the main couple ages ago, and since then they've been a united force, trusting each other and TALKING to each other every step of their vengeance plan way, and it is amazing. (BATTLE COUPLE!)

*All the more unusual because the main plot is set-up to easily slip into a triangle/quandrangle, what with Son Yeo-ri's vengeance path taking her against her ex-boyfriend with whom she had her kid, and the new man she's fallen in love with being said ex-boyfriend's young uncle.

It's just such a nice change of pace to have a story where the main female character, when she does cry, only does it over herself and her daughter, and not over a dude she can't have. To be true, we're still something like 20 episodes from the ending so that may change, but I hope not. There's still a great deal that needs to be settled for the final stretch.

My time has not come yet

Aug. 5th, 2017 07:09 am
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To recap:
  • Disney Descendants 2 had Ursula's daughter Uma as the main villain, but Ursula herself is only heard and not seen on-screen, and we do not get to meet Ariel, Eric, nor Ariel & Eric's theoretical Aurodon kid(s), or any other TLM-related characters. There's also nothing else about any worldbuilding relating to the TLM story.

  • Disney's live-action universe machine has shared oodles of news about its upcoming Aladdin, The Lion King and Dumbo (most but not all via the recent expo) but there's nothing about TLM, save a confirmation of what we already knew, which is that Lin-Manuel Miranda is on board to write the music, though LMM is kinda busy right now with Mary Poppins and his collaboration with Weird Al Yankovic. The last update that actually told us anything new was in... August 2016, a year ago.

  • The ABC concert adaptation of TLM that was gonna riff on the recent trend of "live" television musicals and scheduled to air later this year has been canceled.

Meanwhile, I squint over at our next-door neighbours, the Beauty and the Beast fandom, which is rolling around a USD1 billion box office and more merchandise + books than you can shake your fist at.

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