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sunspot ([personal profile] sunspot) wrote2012-03-22 01:18 am

Podfic: Elevator To The Moon (A Little Out Of Reach)

Text: Elevator To The Moon (A Little Out Of Reach)
Author: [personal profile] waterofthemoon <3
Reader: [personal profile] sunspot
Beta: [personal profile] reena_jenkins <3
Fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Relationships & Characters: Ten/Jack, past Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG
Length: 11:56
Author's Summary: They don't talk about the people they've lost. Jack runs away, and the Doctor comes to find him.
Spoilers: TW S3 Children Of Earth, mentions of DW 4x12-13 The Stolen Earth/Journey's End and SJA 3x05-06 'The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith'.

Reader's Notes: Have adored this piece for so long, so stoked I got a chance to record it. <3

Coverart by [profile] clexmonkie89

click to stream. right click, 'save link as' to download.

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