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2012 Posted Fic Roundup

Total words written+posted: 132,940
Number of fics posted: 16
Fandoms Represented: 5/6 depending on how you look at it -- Leverage, Supernatural, Newsies, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Avengers (MCU and EMH so does that count for 2?)
Big Bangs Posted: 5
Total words written+posted for big bangs: 108,400
Single Longest Fic: Drrrty Pop, 34,600 words

Most common pairing: Hardison/Parker/Eliot from Leverage (with 3 fics). Unless we're counting the 4 gen fics I wrote. The gen is my most common pairing. :)

Favourite thing I've written this year: All That Love, All Those Mistakes

Word Count: 19,500
Summary: After a life on the street and now a job at a run down community centre, Clint classifies himself as a hard-and-fast pessimist. Until he gets the stuffing knocked out of him by a local street gang and suddenly his life is like a bad rom-com, complete with the boy with the smile that makes his knees weak, the ever-helpful matchmaking best friend, gratuitous Abraham Lincoln, and one or more cracked ribs. Okay, maybe he's still a pessimist...

Okay, so more words and fandoms than last year, which was my overall goal. :) Still not enough fandoms for me. Want all the fandoms. I wrote more big bangs this year too. I hope I can keep that up, I love those.

Podfic Roundup

# of podfics posted: 9
Minutes recorded: 170:23
Fandoms Podficced: 6 -- Leverage, Doctor Who, Community, Supernatural, Avengers (MCU), Avengers (MA), Harry Potter

Seems like I need to record more podfic, too. :) Woooo, 2012 was a zany year. A+, self, you did some stuff! This is what got posted, plus everything I am still working on/editing/writing/&c, I hit my Get Yours Words Out goal for this year. Hope to do just as well this year. Happy creating, everyone!
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