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Location:Northern Ontario, Canada

About the Author: Leen, or 'sunspot' as she is sometimes known, is a vaguely humanoid creature from beyond the deeps of space-sea* who eats mainly marshmallows and naughty children. She enjoys snowshoeing, watching tv with the sound off, and crunching on the bones of her enemies. She has taken a professional interest in gluing stuff to other stuff since 1988 and in her off time from her job as pan-galactic fire chief, writes things and posts them here.
*making her both a sea monster (aka: 'kraken') and a space monster (aka: 'James T. Kirk').

Welcome to my writing journal which will contain predominantly fanfiction. My approach to writing is taken from a very wise man and reads like this: "The way I see it, it's really not jumping the shark if you never come back down." See journal for master list of fic and my policy on derivative works.

As mentioned, this is a journal for my writing and art and other creative undertakings, my "real life" journal is located @ livejournal. Feel free to check me out. I promise I'm only about 62% as loony as I seem.

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acting, acting up, camping, cardigans, dancing around in socks, dinosaurs, dogs, drinking juice, fanfiction, flying my freak flag, loud obnoxious rock music, napping, podfic, pretty boys, reading, superheroes, writing, zombie apocalypses
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