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idk how to reclist. Shut up and look at these things.

ganked shamelessly from tumblr

i. Conservation of Momentum, by [ profile] autonomyanatomy (Candyland, 10,796 words).
Yes, I'm reccing you children's boardgame fanfic. No, I do not regret a thing. It's intriguing and suspenseful enough to warrant it and I found the characters amusing and lifelike. Also, Candyland-poclaypse? Yes.

ii. The Incestuous Courtship of The Anti-Christ's Bride, by [ profile] fleshflutter (Supernatural, a whole bunch of words).
If the title alone doesn't hook you, you get to read Dean and Sam trying to convince angels, demons, and hunters to work together using Batman as an analogy-thing. Also it's sad and hilarious and you will make screechy noises like I did.

iii. With Crooked Hands, by [ profile] annakovsky (The Office (US), 19,700 words).
Post-apocalypse survival road trip type fic, with realistic injuries and snarky banter and soft, sad, quiet moments and surprisingly scorching intimate moments that I did not expect from this pairing (Jim/Ryan, that is).

iv. This Colder Air by [ profile] annakovsky (The Office (US), 13,500 words).
Companion piece to With Crooked Hands -- WCH is actually a 'missing scene' piece from this wider story set in Mose's POV (Dwight's beet-farming cousin). Very interesting take on familiar characters, veeeery post-apocalypse survival-y, which I loved. Note the warnings, just like I did not do. #beachedwhalenoises

v. cashing in our bad luck, by [ profile] girl0nfire (Marvel Movie-verse, 700 words).
Zombies + Natasha being ultimate BAMF + Steve's epic emotional angst = do I even need air at this point?

vi. Apocalypse Z by [ profile] baylorsr (Supernatural, 21,599 words).
Another zombie one, another one that's sad and funny and I find the pacing in this one really intriguing. It's super fast and slow at the same time and I find it really works well for this fic.

vii. The Sniper At The Gates Of Heaven by [ profile] JoeLawson (The Loser (movie verse), 17,028 words).
Whump and survival road trips and finding your family where you least expect AND DOGGIES. What the heck else do you need, amirite? I love the aspect of it where legit no one knows what's going on, too. That seems so much worse than having like, news reports and radio broadcasts and stuff. Just so much silence and isolation. Creepy!
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