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Ahh, the ongoing woes of a tiny Canadian who wants to get a few bucks from the American government. It’s not like I’ll be making millions selling stories online, why must you take my 30%

My current options for utilizing the tax treaty (which is set up to protect me and my money, apparently) are:

1. Pay Canadian tax lawyer 400$ to file for my ITIN for me.

2. Mail my original passport to Texas for 4-8 weeks while it’s authenticated, pay 180$ plus shipping both ways to get ITIN.

3. Become sole proprietorship for 135$ here in Ontario, figure out now how to file my fucking Canadian taxes because that wasn’t hard enough, call IRS and get an EIN as opposed to an ITIN. EIN is free and can get over the phone in minutes…

4. Suck it the fuck up and lose the 30% royalties because this is all horrific.

5. Just stop what you’re doing and don’t self-publish. Go lie down and watch Avatar: the Last Airbender and laugh at Appa’s giant furry face.

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