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Number one, know that I love the thing you’re writing for me already. I'm not really hard to please.

Number two, know that I am not a great letter writer. I’m going to crib this from the last letter I wrote, then try to add some prompts at the bottom. I'm sorry, I'm just so bad at prompts. Whatever you want to write will be great, I'm sure, and if you completely disregard my non-prompts, I am fine with that. Or use them as jumping off points, or just read them and mock me.

If you want to go straight porn for any of these, I also have a smutswap letter on here somewhere so... feel free to peek.

General DNWs:
werewolves (unless canonically so) or other such magical type creature transformations (unless like... magical girl transformations? like some sailor moon shit? I’d enjoy that)
D/s power dynamics outside the bedroom
in depth looks at/talks about suicide (brief mentions/references okay)
rule 63/always-a-(different gender)
vore or snuff
anything outrightly hateful about any group of people
descriptions of like… mouth trauma? Broken teeth, mouths getting sewn shut, split lips… Major heebie jeebies
preferably no non-con (dub-con okay! :D)
when the dog dies

My Bulletproof Loves (for everything, ever)
when the dog lives (anything with pets, tbh)
banter/snark (esp. among buds)
forehead presses & bumping noses
casual touching/intimacy
cuddling for warmth
formal wear (!!!)
depictions of the weather/seasons/anything atmospheric like that
any discussion re:/partaking in/cooking of breakfast foods
mundane AUs (yeah, bring on the food service AUs, I don’t care how cliched that makes me, any other modern/mundane/workplace AUs are great)
post-apocalypse anything
non-angsty poly ships
slow burn
slice-of-life stuff
realistic h/c

Sexy Stuff that’s A+:
hand kink
rough (but still ultimately loving) sex
restraints/light bondage
dirty talk
bathing together/each other
playing with/tugging on hair
oral sex
kink negotiation
watersports (not super down with any other toilet fluids - scat/vomit = eh nope)
temperature play
knife/weapon play
phone sex/sexting/saucy telegrams/dirty notes via carrier pigeon/whatever the canon equivalent would be

Alec Hardison/Parker ~ Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Parker ~ Alec Hardison & Eliot Spencer & Parker ~ Alec Hardison & Eliot Spencer & Parker & Chaos

I love the whole crew and various extras (Maggie! Peggy! Sterling! Tara!) so include whoever you like, but my heart lies with the ot3, either as an ot3 or gen, plus I adore Alec/Parker on their own (with the assumption that Eliot approves heartily, though only rarely aloud). I love the cleverness of the canon, all the snappy banter and the real heart it had. I'd love to see some of that emulated.

AU (Canon Divergence, Modern, Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
Canon Style Plot
Getting Together
Interpersonal Drama
Slice of Life

- AUs are always a good bet - ultimate wish list includes urban fantasy/magical realism with someone as a witch/mage, outer space, pioneers, or maybe airline employees?
- I'd love post-show, new Leverage Consulting's first meet up with Chaos
- someone's stolen the crown jewels of [pick a place], but who? and why?
- undercover for a job turns into roleplaying so easily...

Dragon Age
f!Cadash ~ Varric Tethras/f!Cadash ~ Cullen Rutherford/f!Cadash ~ Cassandra Pentaghast/Cullen Rutherford ~ Cassandra Pentaghast/Cole ~ Cassandra Pentaghast/Varric Tethras ~ Fen'Harel | Solas/Varric Tethras ~ Alistair/f!Inquisitor

So my f!Cadash, if you'd like to know more, is Matsora. First and foremost, she's a damn hard worker, and she hopes to one day retire and work hard on a farm somewhere. She met that druffalo in the Hinterlands and decided she's going to have 60 of them on a ranch one day. Matsora hates the cold. Her Patronus would be a bobcat, Sisko would be her favourite Trek captain, and Niall would be her favourite from 1D (because he's my favourite and that's just how it works sometimes). She's an archer, she's got blonde hair, and purple eyes because I was feeling whimsical that day.

Cadash in general is amazing and needs all the love. I'd be fine with basically anything about her, from backstory to epilogues and anything in between. Ships with her are great, so I've included my faves here. Even though I've included mine, feel free to show me whichever version you like because I srsly just love Cadash.

Also Cassandra. I think she may be my fandom bike for Dragon Age because she has such amazing moments with so many. Cassandra/Cullen is lovely because the impression is that they've known each other so long. It's comfortable and familiar. And some of her chatter with Cole! I ship it and I am unashamed. Cass/Varric is deeply loved, especially when it's banter-y or smutty. They're so perfectly antagonistic.

I feel like someone once said Solas/Varric to me as a joke, but how much I have decided I ship it like burning is not a laughing matter.

AU (Canon Divergence, Modern)
Character Development
Getting Together

- arranged marriage/fake marriage/accidental marriage
- could definitely enjoy some h/c for this fandom
- enemies-friends-lovers for Cassandra/Cole would be incredible
- the settings in Dragon Age are amazing, all of them, so any exploration of a place would be amazing by extension
- for Alistair/f!inquisitor, any Inquisitor would be great, and Warden!Alistair would be my preference

Stardew Valley
Player ~ Harvey ~ Player/Leah ~ Alex/Penny ~ Abigail/Haley ~ f!Player/Maru

I have a few playthroughs/Farmers on the go and I have no real preference for anything. My longest played file is a female Farmer named Royce who is a redhead and lives on the forest farm and loves bees, if that helps you.

I'm still playing my way through this game very slowly and I love all the NPCs. Alex/Penny really makes me happysad. They both need more happiness in their lives and I would love some exploration of them finding that together.

We get a taste of Harvey's backstory through cutscenes, but there could be 10,000,000 things we're not seeing and he's the best and I want to see everything about him.

Abigail/Haley just seems like it should be a thing. I get the feeling they both want to be understood on a deeper level by those around them, even if they go about it in very different ways.

Maru and her girlfriend doing things For Science definitely interests me.

Alternately, just hit me with whichever Farmer you like doing awesome Farmer stuff.

AU (Sci Fi/Fantasy Elements)
Character Development
Getting Together
Slice of Life

- student Harvey in med school
- magical realism in the valley, someone has a sassy familiar
- Penny needs to escape from her house for a while, even though it's late autumn, pouring down rain, and 11:30 at night. She doesn't go far.
- Maru needs a human test subject for her latest project, good thing she has such an obliging girlfriend
- a stressful day on the farm, yikes!

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov ~ Natasha Romanov/Maria Hill ~ Maria Hill/Steve Rogers ~ Sam Wilson/Natasha Romanov/Steve Rogers

I love how firmly competent these pairings are. I love them working as a team, getting shit done, being effective at their jobs (if maybe not always their interpersonal communication). Depowered AUs are cool, urban fantasy/magical realism, maybe living in a space colony... AUs man, can't beat 'em. Superheroes are also great for beating the crap out of and watching them try to put each other back together.

AU (Modern, Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
Canon Style Plot
Established Relationship
Slice of Life

- Clint getting the snot beaten out of him (it's my thing, okay) and Natasha making it better
- Steve being great at taking orders from strong women, whether in the field or elsewhere
- Sam and Steve go looking for Bucky, Natasha shows up with unexpected information
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