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Dear Creator: I love you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I'm not the most polished letter writer.

I love most things, tbh. I'm pretty easy to please. I'll be thrilled to get stuff to admire. I've listed (aka: mercilessly copy/pasted from former letters) faves/un-faves/kinks, and tacked on a few thoughts at the bottom.

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Hi! I'm historically terrible at letters! Sorry! This will just be a collection of thoughts that pop into my head and less of a letter...

You will find that "sex as a teambuilding exercise" is the tag of my heart (apparently, anyway. I am just learning this now myself) and if you could just have it inscribed on my tombstone, that'd be great.

I have 4 requested fandoms. I love them all equally!

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Number one, know that I love the thing you’re writing for me already. I'm not really hard to please.

Number two, know that I am not a great letter writer. I’m going to crib this from the last letter I wrote, then try to add some prompts at the bottom. I'm sorry, I'm just so bad at prompts. Whatever you want to write will be great, I'm sure, and if you completely disregard my non-prompts, I am fine with that. Or use them as jumping off points, or just read them and mock me.

If you want to go straight porn for any of these, I also have a smutswap letter on here somewhere so... feel free to peek.

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