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Hi! I'm historically terrible at letters! Sorry! This will just be a collection of thoughts that pop into my head and less of a letter...

You will find that "sex as a teambuilding exercise" is the tag of my heart (apparently, anyway. I am just learning this now myself) and if you could just have it inscribed on my tombstone, that'd be great.

I have 4 requested fandoms. I love them all equally!

For 2 of them, dubcon is totally okay, potentially even encouraged, for any pairing/group. Pairings/groups where I could dig non-con will be starred*, in case you wanna go there.
For the other 2 fandoms and those pairings, I'd prefer the mutual consent version.

general dnw:
werewolves (unless canonically so) or other such magical type creature transformations (unless like... magical girl transformations? like some sailor moon shit? I’d enjoy that)
D/s power dynamics outside the bedroom
in depth looks at/talks about suicide (brief mentions/references okay)
rule 63/always-a-(different gender)
vore or snuff
anything outrightly hateful about any group of people
descriptions of like… mouth trauma? Broken teeth, mouths getting sewn shut, split lips… Major heebie jeebies
permanent disfiguration

general porny likes:
hand kink
rough sex
restraints/mild to moderate bondage
dirty talk, even the awkward kind
spanking/impact play
bathing together/each other
playing with/tugging on hair
oral sex
just general messiness, especially when it's spit/come/sweat, but also food or slime or whatever
watersports (not super down with any other toilet fluids - scat/vomit = eh nope)
temperature play
knife/weapon play
phone sex/sexting/saucy telegrams/dirty notes via carrier pigeon/whatever the canon equivalent would be

Dragon Age (dub-con welcome)
f!Hawke/Varric ~ Leliana/Josephine ~ Leliana/Morrigan* ~ Iron Bull/Cassandra ~ Iron Bull/Dorian/Cullen ~ Alistair/f!Cousland ~ Alistair/f!Mahariel/Zevran

Accidental Stimulation
Arguing during sex
Boot Worship
Competence Kink
Danger Kink
Desperate Arousal/Sexual Frustration
Dominance Struggle
Double Penetration in One Hole
Enemies With Benefits
Fuck Or Die
Fucked against a window
Having to Stay Quiet/Quiet Sex
Menstrual Sex
Neediness to Please
Outdoor Sex
Predicament Bondage
Size Kink
Wet & Messy

All the tags go with any of the pairings here (except enemies to lovers, which is so Leliana/Morrigan *__* ). The size kink thing, in my mind at least, is either/both the 'holy shit, that person/elf/Qunari is so much smaller/bigger than me, I wonder what it's like to fuck them' and also a 'put huge things inside my holes' thing. I like it, a lot, both ways. Obviously the pairings with Iron Bull can be chock full of that and I will not complain.

I love poly groupings where everyone is together in a triangle, but given the nature of the exchange, you do not need to give me backstory or relationship status if you just want to go full on fuckfest. The third person/elf/Qunari can just be there for extra hands. I would be 100% here for a 2 on 1, just trying to make whichever un/lucky character in the middle feel the full brunt of 2 others' completely undivided attention situation.

This canon is dirty. Like, actually filthy with dirt and blood and stuff. I'm into that, so feel free to run with it. Some of the above kinks/tags fold in really well with that. So go ahead and include the blood, the dirt under the fingernails, the texture of come, the grass stains, the questionable mud... And then if they need to wash it all off after, I'm so down for that too. I love that for Josephine especially. She's very well put together, right, so if she kinks hard on getting filthy and fucked up, I can see her desperately needing her partner to help her clean up after. Nghh.

Also I put boot worship in there because it's always been a peripheral thing, I guess, until the exact second I saw it on the list and then I felt A MIGHTY NEED.

Oh, and I guess in my het pairings with a power dynamic,I like femdom? Not strict requirement, I'll enjoy anything. But Cassandra casually ordering Iron Bull around and him being like 'that's not how this normally... nah, this is fine, actually' would be *thumbs up emoji*

Les Miserables (dub-con welcome)
Cosette/Eponine ~ Marius/tentacles* ~ Cosette/Marius/tentacles* ~ Courfeyrac/Marius ~ Enjolras/Grantaire*

Banter While in Bed
Birthday Sex
Church Sex
Dubiously Consensual Loyalty Kink
Forced Orgasm
Fuck Or Die
Multiple Penetration
Mutual Masturbation
Nipple/Breast Play
Religious Role Play
Ritual Sex
Sex for Favours

I imagine Cosette/Eponine as sweet as well as kinky, but ultimately at least friendly. Tags I imagine going well with this: banter, birthday sex, face-sitting, mutual masturbation, nipple play, sex for favours.

The rest can be as fucked up and cruel as you please. And by that, I mean if a certain someone is absolutely capable of being terrible and just kind of goes with it (ESPECIALLY if he feels loathing and shame on both of their behalves for the fucked up shit they do together) because everyone has needs/aggression and tension to work out and hey, willing masochist right here, then yeah. Yeah. Yeeeeeah. Tags I imagine going well with this: banter, church sex, dubiously consensual loyalty kink (the tag that I have to assume god herself made for e/r, come on), figging, fisting, forced orgasm, humiliation (mmmm), religious roleplay (sorry god), rimming, sex for favours, spanking, watersports.

I like my tentacles any which way I can get them - consentacles or otherwise. I do not care if you go monster, random tentacles, tentacle-like plants (I have more than a few drawerfics like that), or whatever else, and I certainly don't care if you don't feel like explaining how the tentacles found themselves a confused, Bonaparte-loving lawyer plus/minus his lovely young wife. Just fuck 'em up a little. Tags I imagine going well with this: forced orgasm, fuck or die, humiliation, multiple penetration, ritual sex, watersports.

Courfeyrac/Marius could be sweet and cute shippy thing or a shady as fuck, banging for roof type situation. Use whatever tags you want, I just wanna see them bone down.

Leverage (mutually consensual pls)
Hardison/Eliot/Parker ~ Hardison/Parker ~ Eliot/Parker ~ Hardison/Eliot

Costume Kink
Food Kink
Manhandling/Shows of Athleticism During Sex
Neckties and The Many Uses Thereof
Object Penetration
Praise Kink
Predicament Bondage
Service Top
Sex as a Teambuilding Exercise
Spit Kink
Stuck halfway through hole in wall
Talked to Orgasm
Temperature Play
Trapped in a Small Space
Webcam/Video Chat Sex
Writing on Skin

I don't think anything's off limits for the ot3. They'd try anything once (or twice). Even within the pairings you can make out of the ot3, I feel like they get pretty weird.

I don't think I've been subtle about how 'messy' is kind of my thing, so feel free to go wild. They're beyond-anyone's-wildest-dreams rich, they can afford a fancy as hell bathroom to shower all the gunk off after. Food, spit, paint, oil, come, lube, whatever.

Obviously there's a huge potential for on-the-job fucking here, with roleplay, neckties, costumes, Hardison's amazing webcams.

Eliot is the service top in my mind (though I'd love anyone in that role), with his needy partner/s and his self control and his fantastic knife skills.

The trapped in a small space/stuck in a wall tag is probably just cruelty on my part. Poor Hardison. Maybe they're stuck because of a job and someone needs their mind taken off it. Or although it seems hard to imagine because Parker, but try imagining Parker stuck in/on/through something and the boys (either/both) taking some small advantage before retrieving her. Hell, stick anyone in a wall and let anyone else take the upper hand. Not picky!

Marvel Cinematic Universe (mutually consensual pls)
Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov ~ Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov ~ Maria Hill/Steve Rogers ~ Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov/Sam Wilson ~ Bruce Banner/Clint Barton/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark/Thor ~ Steve/Thor ~ Steve/Bucky ~ Steve/Tony

Body Worship
Bondage and Discipline
Butt Plugs
Coming Untouched
Forced Orgasm
Fucked Raw
Kinky Sex Saves The Day
Multiple Orgasms
Multiple Penetration
Neediness to Please
Oral Sex
Sex as a Teambuilding Exercise
Sex Toys

The theme of these pairings/tags is "Steve Rogers is the most affable, agreeable service bottom to ever bottom serviceably," and frankly, I'm fine with that says about me (that I'm awesome, mostly). He has a need. A need to please. Especially with Nat or Maria. If you want to make any/all these pairings in the same piece, that's fiiiine. Pass Steve around like a veggie tray (because he's good for you and goes well with hummus?).

I don't know what 'kinky sex saves the day' means in this context, but I want to believe it's true. Interpret any way you like and I will clap my fins like a delighted trained seal.

If you wanna do a six-way orgy, that's cool too. Focus on whoever you want there in whatever combinations with whatever tags (Bruce as Bruce and not the Hulk, or.... Yeah, you know, Hulk could be cool too).
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