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Worse Things Happen At Sea

By [personal profile] sunspot, aka: [ profile] unavoidedcrisis.
Collaborative artwork by [personal profile] croissantkatie.
Beta'd by [personal profile] tsukinofaerii.

Fandom: Avengers - Movie 'Verse
Relationships & Characters: Natasha Romanov/Maria Hill/Steve Rogers, implied Natasha/Romanov/Maria Hill, Tony Stark
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 18,000
Warnings/Content Notes: sexual content, strong language, miscellaneous Steve angst, pegging, oral sex, potentially improbably orgasms.
Author's Notes: Written for [community profile] polybigbang '12. Huge thanks to my awesome artist, [personal profile] croissantkatie for being flawless and ever so patient.

The twenty-first century isn't somewhere Steve wants to be. He feels lost, a mess of anger, regret, and a longing he can't work out, unable to make any lasting connections or shake the feeling of loneliness despite being constantly surrounded by people. Natasha is first to find him alone and adrift, and with Maria's help, takes him in hand.


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It was a defense mechanism more than anything else, the running away. Steve had never run before. Someone told him once if he ran away he'd never be able to stop, that he'd always be running. That was then, and this is... not then at all. He could run now because he was confident he'd be able to face whatever caught up with him. Since the serum worked, he'd survived more in the few months (and the subsequent decades) than he ever thought one person could withstand. If he was still around after all that, then yeah, he was pretty confident he could take on anything.

Except the pity. Damn. )

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Drrrty Pop

By [personal profile] sunspot, aka: [ profile] unavoidedcrisis.
With artwork by [personal profile] waterofthemoon.
Beta'd by [personal profile] valtyr and [personal profile] cantarina.

Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Parker/Eliot, Parker/Alec, Parker/Alec/Eliot, background Eliot/OC, Eliot/Alec
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 34,600
Warnings: strong language, adult situations, references to alcohol and drugs use, mentions of violence
Author's Notes: Written for [community profile] polybigbang. Many thanks to my last minute betas, [personal profile] valtyr and [personal profile] cantarina. This story has been such a long time coming and I'm glad it's done, but more importantly, I'm glad I got to write it. Thank you to everyone who helped me with this and everyone who listened to me complain about it :D ilu, Chat, and ilu, whole entire internet.

And very of course, [personal profile] waterofthemoon. You are amazing and talented and I am so, so thankful for you.

On the eve of her first international tour, worldwide pop superstar Parker, is plagued by fear, doubt, and regret over the choices she's made. Her pre-fame best friend (Eliot) has suddenly reappeared in her life, the new DJ (Alec) is a touch too familiar for comfort, and maybe Parker's libido is out of control.

They're all in for a very interesting tour.

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Twenty-two months ago, when Parker was just a regular girl, things were a lot more simple. She was still a girl now, of course (though there were tabloids out there that were convinced otherwise), but now she was also the number one selling, chart topping, most talked about pop star of the decade. That complicated things considerably.

It started with a stranger in a bar. She met a man who said he could make her a star and she'd signed all the paperwork he put in front of her right then. )

Part Two

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The stadium at Mexico City was bigger than ninety percent of the venues Parker had played in her life. When they showed up just in time to start the first sound check, Parker nearly turned around and ran out again. Eliot caught her by the elbow and pulled her back.

"Relax, Parker, it's just a concert. You've done this a thousand times before."

She scowled. "Playing to a bunch of drunks in the back of your bar doesn't really count."

"Well, you've done a lot more than just that. But why is it so different anyway? I mean, besides the fact that you have a boat made of glitter in your hair now, this is basically the same. Just a little bigger."

She touched her hairboat self consciously. )

Part Three

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Things were better after that. Parker was pretty sure it was better, anyway. She was spending time with Eliot and it wasn't weird. It was like old times. Almost constant laughter and hijinks and easy, comfortable companionship.

It helped that Spain was the most beautiful place Parker had ever seen. She was absolutely going to come back when she had more time to spend, but as it was, she had to settle for filling disposable cameras with photo after photo. Nate kept trying to buy her a digital camera, but she liked it impermanence behind a disposable. She wanted to take the colours and feelings of the city and keep them inside her forever, memories remaining long after the place and the camera were gone.

After the afternoon concert in Barcelona, she tricked Nate into distracting the front desk staff at the hotel while she and Eliot snuck through the fire escape onto the roof to watch the sunset. )

Part Four

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Parker had spent the night mostly awake. Eliot slept like a rock and Parker curled across his chest like a cat, but she couldn't get to sleep. Her mind was spinning with possible futures and visions of baby bunnies and she knew she was going to majorly regret it when Nate showed up to get them onto the plane in a few hours.

She slept most of the way from Rome to Tokyo and threatened anyone who attempted to wake her with bared teeth and a growl. )

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It started with a late night, a two litre bottle of orange soda, and a garage full of scrap metal.

Alec Hardison built a prototype of what he called 'Mister Leverage'; a fighting robot with a lever for flipping and a large spike on a downward swinging arm for stabbing. He hid the robot under the work bench and draped a tarp over the whole thing in case his girlfriend came into the garage and wanted to know what was going on. He would find a more secure place to keep it in the next few days.

'You didn't come to bed last night,' Parker said carefully at breakfast the next morning. )

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No Robots Were Harmed In The Making Of This Story

By [personal profile] sunspot, aka: [ profile] unavoidedcrisis.
With artwork by [ profile] deadflowers5.
Beta'd by [personal profile] clex_monkie89.

Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Hardison/Parker, Hardison/Parker/Eliot
Rating: R
Word Count: 24,200
Warnings: strong language, mild robot-on-robot violence, mild sexuality
Author's Notes: Written for [community profile] polybigbang. Thanks to my last minute beta, [personal profile] clex_monkie89, and shining light of helpfulness and geekery, [ profile] brynspikess, who provided some helpful info about the Young Hercules wiki she's writing, in addition to being all around fantastic. Major thanks to [ profile] deadflowers5 for the awesome collaboration. <3

And uh, just for the record, I've been writing this since way before The Girl's Night Out Job aired. Just in case that question comes up.

Hardison built a robot to fight, but he gave it artificial intelligence to win. He didn’t expect it to come to life and for it to become such a big part of his life.

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The Elephant In The Room (Is Me Loving You)

By [personal profile] sunspot, aka: [ profile] unavoidedcrisis.
With artwork by [personal profile] cybel and [ profile] weaslett.
Beta'd by [personal profile] cantarina, [ profile] waterofthemoon, and SE.

Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Eliot/Parker/Hardison, Parker/Hardison
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 16,000
Warnings: strong language
Author's Notes: Thanks to my amazing betas and to my artists for being so patient and talented. Also thanks to [ profile] chosenfire28 and [ profile] ordinaryink for being ridiculous awesome and making me things to go along with this.

The Greater Cityopolis City Zoo is getting an elephant for the first time in their history, and with is comes the new elephant keeper. And as Parker points out, "they're elephants, so it's clearly a huge deal."

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Dear Mr. Spencer,
I want to again thank you for agreeing to come on board with us here at The Greater Cityopolis Area Zoo for this momentous undertaking. I'm speaking not only on behalf of myself as zoo director, but also for our board of trustees, our staff and volunteers, our patrons and guests, and especially on behalf of the elephant we'll all be saving together.

We're all looking forward to meeting you when you arrive. If there is anything I can do to make your transition any easier, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Nate Ford
General Director
Greater Cityopolis Area Zoo

Eliot read the email for the seventeenth time and still didn't feel any better about it. )

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Come and join [community profile] polybigbang, a multifandom threesomes or moresome big bang!

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Title: Long Process
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Parker
Rating: 18+
Word Count: 960
Warnings: Written with 3x15 in mind, but nothing explicitly spoiler-ish.
Summary: Learning to forgive one's self is a very long process.
Author's Notes: Written for 5 Acts, January 2011. Beta'd by [ profile] maskedfangirl. <3

Sometimes, it all seemed like too much. Sometimes, the weight was too heavy, the memories were too strong, the self-loathing was too overwhelming.

Sometimes, he was a melodramatic fuck and he hated himself for it. )

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Title: Dragon's Deal
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer/Parker
Rating: all
Word Count: 440
Summary: This was clearly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Let the consequences be Future Eliot's problem.
Author's Notes: Written for 5 Acts, January 2011. Beta'd by [ profile] maskedfangirl. <3

Hardison woke up suddenly, from a deep, warm sleep and a strange dream. It took him a full three quarters of a second to realize he was not in his own bed, and an additional half of a second to realize that his strange dream was, in fact, a strange last night.

'You're sneaking out?' he asked, when he heard the door swing open. )

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Title: A Joy To Pass A Quiet Night At Home
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Eliot/Parker/Hardison
Rating: all
Word Count: ~1200
Summary: Sometimes it's not the loud, boasting moments that inform us, it's the quiet nights at home.
Author's Notes: This is for [ profile] cherie_morte, because she is the shining sharklight of my life. Many thanks to [personal profile] creativescape and [ profile] waterofthemoon for speedy and excellent beta-ing.

Parker's breathless and grinning when they come in. Eliot is decidedly less cheery, stomping his boots on the mat and throwing his mittens at Hardison. Hardison smiles. )

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Title: The Naked Break-In Plot
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Alec/Eliot/Parker
Rating: adults only
Word Count: ~785
Summary: "Dude, did you break into my apartment?"

Eliot is about to explain that it wasn't him, it was Parker, but when he looks down, Parker is gone.

Author's Notes: Written for Porn Battle X. Prompt 'naked' and 'break in'. I apparently missed the comma between the two words and thought 'okay but how would that work?' My reading fail amused me more than anything else.

"I told you I could," she huffs, pushing open the door.

"I never said you couldn't. I just said that I have a key, Parker!"

She blinks at him like he's talking nonsense at her. "But the door is open."

Eliot stares.  )
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Title: Pour Some Sugar On Me
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Alec/Eliot/Parker
Rating: Adults only
Word Count: ~600
Summary: Not surprisingly, it is Parker who has the sweet tooth.
Author's Notes: Written for Porn Battle X, prompt 'sweet tooth'. Beta'd by violettedream. Any further mistakes are mine and mine alone.

Not surprisingly, it is Parker who has the sweet tooth. Chocolate, jelly beans, caramel, cake batter, honey, ice cream, maple syrup, even just straight sugar out of the bag sometimes...

What is surprising is, that after how many years of not caring for sweets, sugar is pretty much the only thing on Eliot's mind right now. )
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And Grace Will Lead Me Home

by epiphanyx7 (a.k.a. [ profile] epiphanyx7) and sunspot (a.k.a. [ profile] unavoidedcrisis)
with illustrations by [ profile] sleepwalker1015
(and also epiphanyx7 kinda)

beta'd by [ profile] character_bleed

Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R (adults only)
Length: 45 000 words in 5 parts.
Warnings: Virgin sacrifices, reincarnation, body transformations, epic levels of manpain all over the place, shouting, sex, language, violence, mildly disturbing themes, puppies, ice cream, rainbows, blasphemy, semi-graphic torture, character death, het, slash, angst, goldfish, consensual fraternal incest.
Pairings: Gabriel/Sam/Castiel/Dean; (minor Sam/Gabriel, minor Castiel/Gabriel, minor Sam/Dean).

In order to stop the apocalypse, Dean kills Lucifer -- saving the world, and dying in the process. But Dean's journey is far from over -- the pact he made with Lillith for his soul did not end when an angel pulled him from depths of hell.

After the apocalypse, Castiel and Sam are left to pick up the shattered pieces of themselves. In the wake of Dean's death, things are not as easy as they used to be. Castiel finds himself trapped on Earth, with no hope of returning to the only home he's ever had, while Sam tries to remember who he is without his brother.

Man and angel have nothing in common, aside from their mutual bonds to a man now dead and a future they must forge together, now that the hands of fate have released them. And they will find a purpose, find out who they are, and more importantly, will find a reason to keep going... even in the face of danger, even with the knowledge with every passing second, Sam is closer to the end of his life.

And when he is gone, Castiel will be alone. Forever.

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