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For this year's [community profile] robotbigbang I got to make art for [profile] misskalloway's story The Home For Unwanted Robots. It's adorable and totally worth the read. Check it out here!

And the art is here. )
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I made this mix aaaaages ago (and it shows in the cover art, omg) to accompany The Waiting Job, my Leverage zombie apocalypse story. The link went funny, so I had to reupload it, and then I realized I never posted it here. So here. :D

Zombie Mix )
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For [ profile] robotbigbang, I got to make art for [personal profile] kalloway's fic Lost Dawn & The Box of Dreams.

Here's the mix I made to go with it. It's an original fic set in the Outlaw Star universe and it's basically an all-girl group of totally kick ass smugglers in space. I think that is relevant to everyone on my reading list, just saying.

So check out the fic and then check out the mix!

Lost Dawn & The Box of Dreams )

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