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I made this mix aaaaages ago (and it shows in the cover art, omg) to accompany The Waiting Job, my Leverage zombie apocalypse story. The link went funny, so I had to reupload it, and then I realized I never posted it here. So here. :D

Zombie Mix )
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For [ profile] robotbigbang, I got to make art for [personal profile] kalloway's fic Lost Dawn & The Box of Dreams.

Here's the mix I made to go with it. It's an original fic set in the Outlaw Star universe and it's basically an all-girl group of totally kick ass smugglers in space. I think that is relevant to everyone on my reading list, just saying.

So check out the fic and then check out the mix!

Lost Dawn & The Box of Dreams )
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Avenge This is the debut album from the hot new group 'Natasha and the Widows'. Super fantastic girls playing some super fantastic rock. Check it out today at wherever outstanding records are sold.

Or check under under the cut! )
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fight crime with mangoes and limes, a parker/hardison fanmix )

Check it out on 8tracks!

Accompanying stories, written for Leverage Reverse Bang 2012:

fighting crime with mangoes and limes, by [personal profile] peaceful_sands
pg13. 17,605 words.

the mangoes and limes job, by [ profile] mizzy2k
pg13. 13,800 words.
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I made this for our Sassy comment meme for Valentine's Day for this prompt. Spoilers (for Supernatural) through 5x13. Title from quote by Aldous Huxley. Fic approx. 900 words, rated PG13

After Silence, Mix and Story )
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Title: Chuck's Super Secret Spy Mix
Fandom: Chuck
Rating: all
Word Count: 760
Summary: Chuck made a mix for the afternoon, to make it special.
Author's Notes/Disclaimer: Written to go with a mix I made for [personal profile] creativescape for a Joyous Yule exchange.

Chuck's Super Secret Spy Mix )

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